October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving and a Birthday Party

Happy Halloween! More importantly, happy birthday Dad!

We had a really fun time celebrating Dad's birthday on Saturday night. Mom bought a bunch of pumpkins, and we spent a good chunk of the evening carving them.

For anyone who's looking for a last minute pumpkin carving template, here's the site where we got ours. (Mine says "BOO" and Charlie's is the wizard. He's way more talented than me.)

Dad did the cool candle, and Daniel made his own eyeball template:

Some more photos from the evening:

I love little details. Can you tell? :)

There were a lot of pictures with knives like this. A little creepy. I'll spare you the rest.

However, this next one involves a fork, so I think it passes muster:

Charlie, the pumpkin pro, at work.

Mom didn't have a pumpkin to carve. But she does have some cute slippers:

Of course, I made everyone save their pumpkin seeds so I could roast them. Does anyone else do this? They're so good!

We also busted out of our buster bar mold and ate banana split trifle instead.

Enjoy your evening!

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