October 30, 2011

Inspiration: Save It, Save It, Save It!

I'm talking about pictures. Pictures you find in magazines, in Pottery Barn catalogues, on web searches, in blogs... any image that you can tear out and file or right click and throw in a folder. Save it!

Maybe you already do this. If not, start! I look at a lot (a lot!) of home/DIY/decor/design photos. It's one of my favorite activities. I'm sad to say that I look forward to looking through my latest issues of BHG more than picking up Sherlock Holmes Volume II. And I love Sherlock Holmes.

It's really quite simple. Save any pictures that you like. For any reason.

You might like the duvet on the bed, or how the console table is styled, or the paint color used, or the over all theme of the room. I've saved pictures because I like the lighting. If there's anything that you like, that inspires you, or that you want to remember for future reference, save it! I've saved pictures that I don't even know why I like them. I just do, for some reason. And that's reason enough!

I often think I'll remember that good idea of that thing I found on etsy that I could totally make myself, but guess what: I don't. Because there's 206 other ideas like that jumbling around in my brain. So if it's filed in a binder on your shelf or in a folder on your computer, it's now saved and waiting for your perusal.

Here's the random assortment of pictures I've saved from the last week or two:

Not a lot of continuity. But the only continuity needed is this: there's something that I like about each photo. I like the quote on the sign, the vibe of the bedroom, the teal gradient on the dresser. If I'm in creative mood but have no set ideas, I look through my 281 (and growing!) Picasa folder of inspiring images.

So start saving!

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