October 17, 2011

North Shore Trip

This weekend my family took a trip to a beautiful cabin in Tofte, Minnesota. Tofte is about 60 minutes northeast of Two Harbors, and 30 minutes southwest of Grand Marais. It was relaxing, beautiful, and VERY cold and windy.

We bummed around Grand Marais and ate at The Angry Trout:

We celebrated a birthday:

No, that isn't birthday cake. It's buster bar (oreo layer, ice cream layer, peanut layer, fudge layer- also known as manna from heaven). This is what my family does instead of birthday cake, and it is much, much better, my friends.

We did a lot of this:

And this:

We had magnificent views out of the window:

Doesn't Lake Superior look like it's silver?

We hiked around Temperance River:

We found some rocks:

And juggled some rocks:

My family is pretty great, too:

Charlie took this last picture of Daniel. I can't take credit :)

Here we are. This would be a potential Christmas card picture if it weren't for the Napoleon Dynamite Butterfly Hands.

What fall or winter trips do you have coming up?

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