January 19, 2013

Makes me Laugh

I have to share this with you. I ran across this video via the Small Things Blog and it literally made me laugh out loud. Not the laughing out loud like this:

But literally. Here it is. Enjoy. And happy weekend.

January 18, 2013

Upstairs Bedroom

Happy Friday! I wanted to share our latest room update with you: I did a quick and inexpensive update in our upstairs third bedroom.

It had sat for 3 1/2 years with a terrible, terrible little boys sports border running around the ceiling. I decided that if the only thing I did was take the border down, it would be better than nothing. Which of course led to painting the entire room, the trim, and a few update projects to finish everything off. You know how it is. Here's the ugliness before:

And a close up, just for good measure:

Currently, this room is only used to house Leo's kennel. For the life of me, I could NOT think of what else to use this room for. We already have an office with a separate desk for things like sewing, crafts, and gift wrapping.

Eventually, it'll be a nursery, but not for the near future. Charlie, being ever so practical, suggested I try to pick the color I would want the nursery walls to be, so that we don't have to re-paint. So I scoured Pinterest nurseries for a while (which felt very odd) and settled on a light gray. It's the same color as our basement office. I figured gray is here to stay (at least for a while), is nicely neutral, and goes well with both girl and boy decor. If all else fails, at least I won't have to smell paint primer while feeling nauseous.

So here it is.

Better? I think so.

Leo's kennel. Too bad we still need one- that dog is like a goat with the things he finds to eat.

My goal was to only spend money on paint. Like I said, we only use this room for Leo's kennel, and the bed and nightstand are more of a placeholder than anything else so the room doesn't look empty.

Just an FYI: The "headboard" is a 2' x 3' bulletin board painted white. I had extra fabric from the first attempt at making a roman shade for the basement. I cut it to size and pinned it on. Boom. Headboard on the cheap.

Enjoy the start of your weekend!

January 7, 2013

Latest Inspiration

I've made a few bloggy changes: changed the look, added some more favorite blogs (check them out under the "Blogs I Love" tab!), and jumped on the "follow me on Pinterest!" blog button train. But really, feel free to. It's over on the right.

Like most folks, a good chunk of my online time is spent on Pinterest. Here's the latest inspiration that I'm lovin'.
porch by Fendy

Source     Isn't the texture great? I love the shiny/metal/glass/rusty/woven basket/chunky blanket-ness of this console table. Fabulous.
Source Who doesn't want a lime door with a Moravian star lantern? No one, that's who.
House & Home - laundry/mud rooms - navy blue, walls, white, yellow, striped, runner, washer, dryer, white, cabinets, white, shelves, white, corbels, white, quartz, countertops, white, roman shade, navy blue, ribbon trim, laundry shelves, laundry room shelves, laundry room shelving, laundry room shelf,
Source Boxwood in woven baskets!
Off to watch the "Big Game" (Notre Dame vs. 'Bama). I've got an Irish-fan-of-a-husband who has been expectantly waiting for this night for a looong time. Happy 2013!