About Me

I am a (relatively new:) wife, first time home owner, and (sort of) momma to our puppy Leo. Most importantly, I am a child of God and follower of Jesus Christ. It is through His undeserved mercy and grace that I live, breathe, work, and attempt to turn our house into a home.

I am also:
  • ...a bargain enthusiast who loves decorating on the cheap (without sacrificing style, of course). It’s my view that 99% of the time, high cost style can be mimicked for a fraction of the cost. Which I suppose is my design philosophy.
  • ...an aspiring photographer. My husband got me a fabulous "grown up" DSLR camera for my birthday, and I've been clicking away ever since. It is one of the few items I would grab if our house was burning to the ground.
  • ...a lover of food. I love to cook it and I love to eat it. I look forward to trying new recipes, and sharing the winners with you!