October 20, 2011

A New View on Halloween

Our church sends our a weekly newsletter called the Star (or, if you get it via email, it's the eStar:).

There was a great, thought provoking article on Halloween. It's definitely worth the five minutes it takes to read.

Some snippets:

"What if the main issue became whether our enjoyment of Jesus and his victory over Satan and the powers of darkness might incline us to think less about our private enjoyments and more about how we might love others?"

"What if we capitalized on the opportunity to take a step forward in an ongoing process of witnessing to our neighbors, co-workers, and extended families about who Jesus is and what he accomplished at Calvary for the wicked like us?"

I'm definitely challenged by David Mathis to think outside of my timid, self-aware box and to look for opportunities to be bold for Jesus.

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