October 10, 2011

Chalkboard Labels

We've got big glass canisters sitting on our kitchen counter that I've always thought would look cute with chalkboard labels. So yesterday I made some. This project is incredibly easy and incredibly cheap.

Here's what you need:
  • Some type of sticky label. A name tag would work perfectly.
  • Chalkboard paint (I used spray paint)

Now spray paint the labels (obviously:). Let them dry for about an hour, and PRESTO. You just made yourself some chalkboard labels.

I found it easiest to write on the labels before I pulled of the backing and stuck them onto the jars. The great thing is if you need to wash the jars, or decide you don't like the labels, you can peel them right off. I figured if they leave a sticky residue, that's why Goo Gone was invented. No harm done.

There you have it. Practically free chalkboard labels.

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