June 5, 2011

New Office Preview

I didn't die or fall off the face of the earth- I just haven't posted for a while. I'm one of those people who doesn't much like to give sneak peaks at projects until they're done. It's like it ruins the surprise or something. I love a good before and after, but a before, during, and after seems less climactic for some reason. We've got a couple of other projects that will make good before and afters [ :) ] but this one has been in the works for some time and deserves some recognition. I don't mean that I deserve recognition... I mean the room does. It morphed from an ugly duckling into a swan, and changed from the armpit of the house into a pair of nicely manicured nails. Want a look?

We've got one of those awkward basement ledges. My husband had the great idea to put up more board and batten to make it look intentional. I love how it turned out! (Note: Yes, I see that strange bubble to the left of the outlet. We don't know either. The more projects we do, the more weird construction issues we find. Anyone else?)

I found this guy on clearance at Target. Isn't he cute?

Bethel would be appalled: three years as an English major, and I still buy books based on their covers. Or at least the color of them. And their titles.

One of my favorite things about the new office is how much natural light there is. And it's in the basement!

We also (okay, not me, my husband) took down the icky ceiling fan and put in a swanky new light fixture.

Leo's got a new hang out, too. Here he is in his new dog cave:

That's all for now! Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weekend!


  1. rebecca, this looks so good! i love your light and bright basement!

    also, your blog redesign looks great! i've been meaning to add tabs to my blog. was it easy?

    also - did you make your desks? or did you buy them?

  2. We DID buy the desks- Ikea! They were inexpensive and quick to put together. And yes, the blog tabs were super easy. Under the postings tab, click "edit pages" and each page you create is a tab.