June 21, 2011

Light and Airy Kitchens

I love white kitchens. Which is why I painted mine white almost two years ago. I also went ahead and painted the walls a yummy chocolate brown- it sounded so cozy at the time. I'm realizing that since we got married in July of '09, my decorating tastes have shifted a bit. Generally, they're the same. But since I've spent compulsively too much a lot of time reading design blogs, watching design shows, and thinking more on how I want our home to feel, I'm not as crazy about some of the color/design choices I made back then. Which is okay, I think. It's a good thing for tastes to develop and change.

I've been thinking about how I can update and change things about our home to fit my current tastes without breaking the bank (and my husband's back, who tends to do all of the handyman components). I'm telling ya, people, paint really is the miracle make-over drug. It's fast, inexpensive, and even dummies can use it (which is me at times).

Though chocolate brown is fine (and I still LOVE it in other people's homes and kitchens), I'm feeling the "light and airy" kitchen vibe a lot more. So next up on my docket is to re-paint the kitchen a fresh, grayish blue. Any color suggestions? Martha Stewart seems to have some good options. Also, this blog has been helpful to see how colors look in other people's homes.

Enough talk, here's some inspirational pictures:

Notice a theme? And aren't these kitchens beautiful?

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