June 13, 2011

Another Backwards Before and After

We seem to be having a lot of these lately. It's been two years, and we're just starting to tackle the outside of our home. Here it is:

The combination of arborvitae, juniper (aka snaggle bush), and spirea (which my mother-in-law calls a trash bush), wasn't making any impressions. (However, isn't the grass nice and green?) So we ripped out the bushes. Okay, it's more like we hacked at them with a hand saw, and huffed and puffed as we pried them out with a shovel. Sadly, this is what we'd thought would be the hardest part. No way. Instead of mulch around the base of the bushes, there's rock. We've spent our last three weekends shoveling, raking, and piling rock and dirt into a dumpster (two, actually... not enough room in the first). Fun times! Here we are as off this afternoon:

The arborvitae on the corner also got a hair cut. We're making progress!

Pardon the crappy pictures. I'm exhausted after hanging out with and cleaning this:

But at least he had fun and got exercise at the dog park! :)

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