May 20, 2011

Too much coffee?

Last night, I swung by Dairy Queen to pick up some dessert for my husband and I. Unexpectedly, it revealed something about my high maintenance coffee preferences.

DQ Worker: "Hi, welcome to Dairy Queen. What can I get for you tonight?"

Me: "I'll have two small cookie dough blizzards."

DQ Worker: That'll be $$$. Please pull forward to the next window.

Me (Thinking, feeling uncomfortable): Did I forget something? I feel like I should have gotten it skim and decaffeinated. With a shot of something. Did I forget to give her some information? I only gave two qualifiers, small and cookie dough. That doesn't seem like enough.

Obviously the blizzards turned out fine: fatty, caffeinated (hey, there's chocolate in there) without any shots of hazelnut, small, and cookie doughish. But I think I drink too much Starbucks.

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