February 25, 2012

Have Your Plate and Hang it Too

I want to share a quick tip with you. I've got this cute leaf platter that my sister in law bought us as a wedding gift, and wanted to hang it up on the wall without using any of those clunky metal plate holders. I ALSO still want to be able to use it for serving food . What's a girl to do? Enter these things:

They're really cheap, come in many different sizes, stick securely to your plate while still having the ability to come off without ruining anything, and mostly importantly, have a low profile. So I'm able to take my plate off the wall to use without anyone being the wiser that my plate hanging mechanisms are still in tact.

I'm sure you all loose sleep over this. But it's a neat little thing, and I wanted to share.

See? You'd never know there's anything there.

The platter has been hanging there since Tuesday, and the plate hangers are still sticking securely. I was half waiting for it to fall down and smash Leo's head while he eats, but I think we're in the clear.  :D

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