April 29, 2011

Mini Open Shelving Project

I'm embarrassed to say that I started this project one month ago and just finished this week. It would have taken a total of 45 minutes (tops) to complete, but involved patching holes with dry wall repair (or spackle-anyone else call it this?), which is the bane of my existence when it comes to house projects. I'm impatient- I just want to slap on the paint and call it a day. I hate having to spackle, wait FOREVER (a few hours, tops) for it to dry, sand, re-spackle, wait FOREVER (maybe another hour) for it to dry (again), and re-sand. Again. In this season on life, God is teaching me patience, contentment, and thoroughness- who knew that a 45 minute project would help the process along. I don't mean to spiritualize my open shelving ( :)  ) but I think God can use anything He chooses to humble and teach His children.

Anyway. We've got too many doors in our kitchen, and it was time some of them went. So off came the doors and on went the spackle. A few white coats of paint always rounds things off nicely.

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