April 1, 2011

Board and Batten: Finished!

We finished! I absolutely LOVE how the board and batten turned out- it gave our entryway a complete face lift. Of course, it ended taking more time and money than I anticipated (as do all house projects, it seems...) but the end result was worth it.

My favorite part is the hardware, the hooks and the glass knobs. Especially the glass knobs... they are like door jewelery for the closet. I was embarrassingly excited when they arrived in the mail, and they are my favorite part of the entire project. I'm that lame person who gets excited about things like door knobs.

It was a lot of work (much more time consuming than I thought!) but I'm so glad now that it's all finished. Here's the other side:

I based this project off of Centsational Girl's guidelines. You can find them here. There are dozens of tutorials online, but hers worked the best for me. (PS. I promise I didn't copy her hooks, I just happened to love these and then realized she used the same ones. What can I say, we've both got great taste :)

If you already have your own tools (a miter saw, nail gun, and air compressor), this is an inexpensive project. Home depot rents all of these for a pretty reasonable price. In total, it probably took 15 hours over the course of a week and a half.

There you have it! Finished board and batten!


  1. rebecca, way to go! it looks SO great! i bet you feel great to have done something so dramatic!

    and i hope you are loving that new camera! :)

  2. Beautiful! So light and airy. Way to go!

  3. I love this!! I want to do this in our hallway. Maybe I will have to hit you up for tips when we get there!