September 27, 2010

Tripod Lamp

I don’t usually spend my time daydreaming about light fixtures. However, after finding the coolest floor lamp ever, I started. It was a wooden tripod lamp, but at $379.99 (ridiculous!), this dream was not going to come true anytime soon. I figured I could make something that looked just as good for no where near that price tag. With the help of my husband (okay, he actually did all of it), we made our own tripod lamp that I like even better than the spendy one. Here’s what you need:
  • Wooden tripod (I found mine on eBay for $37.00)
  • Lamp kit / old lamp which can be disassembled and the lighting components reused (this is what we did)
  • Lamp shade

The metal tube that connects between the tripod and the lamp is actually a towel rod sawed down to size. When I bought the tripod off eBay, the wood was an orangy brown. I took it to a furniture refinishing shop and they stripped and refinished the entire thing for $35.00. Good deal! The greatest part of this lamp is that the legs are adjustable- it can be anywhere between 3 feet to over 6 feet tall. Since there are so many different types of tripods, lamp kits, and lampshades, play around with the pieces and see how they attach best to each other. Each homemade tripod lamp is unique!

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