September 28, 2010

Before and After Bathroom

In the spirit of inexpensive decorating, here’s a few before and after pictures from our upstairs bathroom. It’s amazing what a gallon on paint and a few Home Goods accessories can do. Here’s the before picture:

This was a snapshot of the bathroom my husband took at our house inspection (ie. WE did not pick this decor:) We’re planning to eventually remodel the bath, but I needed a mini makeover to tide me over until then. Here’s what…
  • 1/2 a gallon of sage paint ($32)
  • maybe 1/4 a gallon of white paint (free, we already had it)
  • 10 new door handles ($25)
  • a new towel rack ($17)
  • two candles and candle sticks (free, already owned)
  • and two new picture frames ($16 for both)
…did for our bathroom.

I think our $90 mini makeover will definitely tide me over until the real deal.

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