September 19, 2011

A Before and After: But Not Mine!

We were gone most of the day on Saturday celebrating Charlie's birthday. When we pulled onto our street on arriving home, this is what greeted us:

No, it's not ours. It's the neighbor's. While we were gone they painted their house smurf blue. That's right folks, if you want to mimic this color, it's Benjamin Moore Smurf Blue.

This really surprised us because our neighbor is pretty meticulous about his yard. It always looks fabulous (way, way better than ours), and this slip of the hand (or the paintbrush) just didn't seem to match up.

It turns out that they picked the color in the dark, hate it, and are now repainting. This info was given to me by the painter who is out there right now fixing it. I told myself not to mention the word smurf to him, but it just slipped out.

PS. Dear Neighbors, if you ever find this blog post, know that I commend you for taking the higher ground and paying to repaint. The neighborhood thanks you. :)

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