September 2, 2011

Pinterest: A Confession

I'll admit that when I first joined this up and coming form of social media, I was skeptical. I was annoyed that I had to re-activate my Facebook account in order to log in (no offense at all to those on FB- this decision was for me personally), and couldn't figure out my way around the site.

But I stuck with it, and now I LOVE Pinterest. I have Pinterest Interest. :)

The photo above is the screen that greets me when I log in. Isn't it inspiring? For me of course. Because when YOU join Pinterest, you can fill your screen and pin boards with whatever images YOU find inspiring.

I love being able to collect and file the images and ideas that I love online! For some reason, I feel more organized being able to see ALL of my ideas on one page. Like somehow, they collectively make up a "Rebecca's Decor Preferences" aura or something, and give a wonderful, generic gist of what floats my boat.

But wait, it gets better. The best part of Pinterest is its search box. Boring, right? Wrong! Type in "white subway tile" and you'll get dozens (maybe hundreds!) of images having to do with said topic. It's a design idea mecca.

Pardon me while I gush.

But really, you should join too. It's just that much fun.

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