February 19, 2011

Bathroom: Before and After (Sorta...)

We just went from this:

And this:

To this:

My husband just finished the demo work in our downstairs bathroom about ten minutes ago, and wanted me to come take some pictures. Isn't it a nice, clean slate? :)

This project started innocently enough. There was some nasty blue and gray tile on the floor that I couldn't decide whether to decorate around or to just ignore entirely. I decided on the latter, and covered up half of it with a fuzzy ivory shag rug (which we sometimes tell Leo he'll turn into if he's naughty. Just kidding- I jest, I jest. But really, sometimes...)

Like I said, this project started with the floor, and $43 worth of faux marble peel and stick tile. We were going to put lipstick on that pig and call it a day. I came back from walking the dog to find the sink, trim, and (floating) ceiling gone. And my husband standing in the bathroom looking thoughtful.

He'd realized that we'd have to take out the trim and the sink to put the tile down anyway. I'm not entirely sure about the ceiling, other than that it's a floating ceiling (who has THOSE in their homes?) and was just ugly.

"What about a new toilet" he says. It's nasty and small- we call it the midget toilet. And the wall color is no where near what I was going for when I painted last year. So how about some new paint. And that pedestal sink offers no storage. We have a storage-less bathroom on our hands, which is no good. Maybe a different vanity?

Our conversation started with upgrading the tile, which turned into cheaply changing out the fixtures, and ended with a "heck, let's just do the whole thing."

And so you have it. Our bathroom is entirely gone. We're a one toilet house at the moment. And you can see from our laundry room straight through the bathroom into our massive under-the-house storage crawl through. It's a little weird. But it'll be so great when it's finished!

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