January 3, 2011

Mini Painting Project

My husband and I painted our basement, including the woodwork, last January. We have a built in cupboard, and for whatever reason, back then I thought it'd be a good idea to leave the doors off and go for the "open shelving" look. It turned looking crappy, unfinished, and Leo would occasionally run off with and shred a roll of paper towels I'd been storing in there.

So that was a year ago. I've been meaning to paint the doors and put them back up ever since, and finally got around to it a couple of days ago. It was the first time in week where I had any energy to do anything (since being sick with a nasty cold) and of course the most obvious thing to do with my burst of energy was to take the doors of of storage, clean, prime, and paint them. Duh. So I coughed and hacked and painted, and this is what I came up with:

Much better (besides the crappy photo- my camera's on the fritz :( ). Since taking the doors off last year, I accidentally threw away lost half of the hinges, so we ended up buying new ones. And new hardware. So this project really only took $20 worth of new hardware, 40 minutes of painting, and an hour or so (for my husband) to drill new screw holes and hang the doors. I'm so glad it's done!

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