January 7, 2011

I love lamp.

Really, I do. A lot. I am unusually excited about lamps, two specific ones in particular.

I've been looking at new lamps for our nightstands for a long time (we had two IKEA desk lamps up until now. They were fine, but didn't fit the scale of our room or furniture well). A few weeks ago I saw a lamp at HomeGoods and just knew that it was THE ONE ( :D ). Do you ever see something and know it is EXACTLY your style and EXACTLY what you want, and then everything else is compared to that thing, but falls short? How lame that I feel like this about house items. Unfortunately, there was only one lamp. I snapped a picture with my phone, searched online, called other Home Goods, but no luck. I kept thinking about that lamp and how great it would work in our room, (is it unusual to think so much about a light source?) but figured I'd have to look for something else since the lamp had no match.

Mom and I went back to HomeGoods a few days ago and found the same lamp on clearance (woohoo!) AND were able to track down a match at another store. So exciting! What are the odds? I love that God cares about even insignificant things that concern his children (like lamps!)- I felt so thankful that He orchestrated even a little thing like finding these! So here they are. I think they give our room a more "swanky hotel" vibe. At least it looks that way in person :)

Here's the before and after. Improvement, no?

Before: (this is RIGHT after we moved in last year)


Much better. Still need to put real art in those frames!

Yay for new lamps!

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  1. rebecca, this is unbelievable! this does look like a hotel! it IS sweet that God provided two lamps for you. he cares for his children in such kind ways.

    your room is looking gorgeous...love these posts.