November 30, 2010

Easy Christmas Decor Ideas

The Christmas season has officially arrived at our house. I thought I'd share a few quick (and inexpensive) decor ideas with you all. The first are these lovely footed hurricanes. Aren't they cute? I can't take credit from the idea, I've seen pictures of them posted all over DIY blogs. They cost $2.00 a piece. Yes, that is correct, $2.00! I made three for a whopping six bucks :) I found the vase and candle stick stem at my local dollar store, and just hot glued them together. How easy is that? Here's the whole centerpiece:

Recognize my burlap table runner from the previous post? My mom bought me the garland from a florist shop on sale after Christmas. I LOVE it- it's so realistic looking.

This year, I was also inspired to decorate using silver and gold ornaments after reading this link from Bower Power. I need to take add more pictures of the ornaments sprinkled around the house, but here's a couple.

Why yes, I do have ornaments on top of our toilet. Another plug for the dollar store- buy your ornaments there! I bought a couple boxes of silver and gold ones for a dollar a piece (obviously:) .

On another note, Leo struck again:

Grrrrr. This post could also be titled "Pre-Patch Job #2."

Enjoy inexpensively decorating for Christmas!

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  1. Love these ideas. You are so good! Can I hire you over Christmas break? :)