September 3, 2013

Fall Decor Bucket List

I love seasonal touches around the house, especially natural ones. Fall is fabulous for this: pumpkins, leaves, acorns, and pine cones abound. And, they're mostly free. Especially if you're a freak like me and lug hand fulls of tree branches home from morning walks with Leo. My current dilemma is if I want to BUY acorns for my decor use (along the same lines as buying rocks- super lame), or if I want to surrender my dignity, make like a squirrel, and scavenge them off the sidewalks next to a busy street. They're the only acorns I've found

*Note to self: Plant an oak tree so that in 40 years, I won't be having this dilemma. 

Along the same lines as my fall cooking bucket list, I'm trying to celebrate bigger and enjoy fall more. For me, that includes craftiness and decor around the house. Here are the projects I'd like to take a crack, at least in some shape or form, this fall.

Mason jars with tea lights and acorns

Fall Centerpieces

Pumpkin Painting

branch candleholder

pumpkin display

bhg natural elements

Fall Dinner Party,  This great gathering table inspired me to throw a dinner party...found at a local thrift shop for $29.00, this solid oak table will easily seat 12!!! Ive "mixed & matched " my Lenox Butlers Pantry place settings for a more informal look. , Dining Rooms Design

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  1. lovely and inspiring! I just collected two large buckets of acorns from my front yard this past weekend - I wish I could share!