April 27, 2012

Front Garden Ideas

Spring is here, and we've picked up the garden project again! We had four cubic yards of dirt delivered a week ago Saturday, so now all we need to do is:
  • finish the retaining wall
  • decide on plants
  • plant plants
  • mulch
I'm no gardener, so Mom's coming over on Monday to help. She's great with plants. In the meantime, I've mocked up a rough idea of what I'd like. Here it is:

I LOVE hydrangea- it's my all time favorite. Hopefully the garden will also include salvia, boxwood, allium, and some sort of mini tree to fill in the tall spot in the back. We'll see.

Some other potential outdoor projects for another summer may include:
  • painting the house (gray) and trim (white)
  • a new front door
  • different sconces
Here's a mock up:

I'm so excited to jump into this project and get it crossed off the list!

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