December 2, 2011

Christmas Window Decor

It's been a busy last couple of weeks! The garland, tree, and various forms of Christmas decor are up, and I couldn't be happier. And there's even a dusting of snow on the ground to make everything feel Christmas-y. As you can tell, there wasn't any snow when the picture above was taken.

I saw the photos below months ago, which got me chomping at the bit to try something similar:

My friend Allison had seen something similar last Christmas in Anthropologie with ornaments hanging from a branch. So I just combined the two:)

That's right, I'm that crazy person with the dog who's scrounging through the woods looking for the right sized branches to decorate my house with. Leo's resigned to the fact that those yummy looking sticks mom's carrying home aren't for him.

Mom bought me these cute pine cones at a garage sale this summer.

I laid the branch between the two upper cabinets, wrapped a few garland branches in various spots to secure it, and then tied the pine cones to the branches with fishing wire. Get the idea?

I hope you're all enjoying this Advent season!

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