August 4, 2011

Cha-cha-cha Changes...

I get a slap on the wrist for how often I've managed to post this summer. Yikes!

We just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary a week ago Sunday, and made a decision: year three will include far less house projects than the previous two.


I know. Can you believe it? :) We're a bit burned out. Actually, my husband is a bit burned out, but he's the one who does 90% of the hard labor. We decided there is, and should, be more to free time than improving out living quarters. And that I should spend less of my day dreams on paint swatches, woven baskets, and grout colors.

And I'm actually really okay with this. This isn't to say that everything will come to a screeching halt (I actually started the huge task of painting our railing on Monday- more later). We're just aiming to spend more of our free time together focusing on other things. And maybe more of our finances on making memories rather than a new patio. I'm also trying to take a step back from my desire/hobby/(obsession?:) to constantly improve things.

I think it'll be great, and I think it'll be hard. And I pray that God will use this decision to bless our marriage AND our relationship with Him.

So if I start posting much to frequently about house updates, hold me accountable! There are other, more important, things to focus on.

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