March 26, 2011

Board and Batten: Making Progress

I'm finally making some progress on the board and batten for our entryway. All the boards, trim, and doors have been painted (some need a final coat), and we're off to Home Depot to rent a compound miter saw and a finishing nail gun for the afternoon.

Call me crazy, but my birthday's coming up, and if my husband decided to buy a me miter saw I would be completely thrilled. There's been so many projects I've found that I'd love to do, but my excitement dries up when I see "miter saw" listed among the tools needed. Drat. We don't have one. So I'm tickled that one will be gracing our home with it's presence this afternoon in order to complete our board and batten.

Here's the before picture. It's so horrible that I'm almost embarrassed to post it. Not that the entryway was that bad, it's more that my camera is pretty much on it's last legs and has decided that it's not going to photograph green anymore. So half of my pictures turn out looking rather brownish.

Hopefully there will be a "finished" after picture within a few days!

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